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The company Europlantaže manages with more then several thousand hectares mainly their own land of which is more than 300 hectares under a three and four-year orchards of cherries and in the smaller part of walnut (cca 80 ha). Out of that 133 hectares is organic production (camomile and walnut) and besides that we have plum orchards on 15 ha.

Company Europlantaže have a patent wich will be financed and subsidized by the World Bank. Patent is a cherry-picker. Just for an example here are some technical details.  Namely, for area under  the orchards competition need 2000 workers for manual harvesting or 34 pickers, including 34 tractors, plus 34 shakers, plus 34x6 workers for harvest. With our patent (cherry picker) we need just 3 harvesters  with crew of only three people.

Because of this patent, company Europlantaže d.d. is the most cmpetetive in the world as far as cherry harverst. For the cherry pickers exists a large number of interested companies from the region, and there is a waiting list. When we deliver all orders for the region, the company  plan is to  expand  sales on the market of the European Union especially on the market  in Italy, Spain and Portugal as the only suitable region for raising crops of cherries. Because of above mentioned reasone, product of  cherry is deficient and for that we chose to rease this culture.

The European Parliament recommended that all Ministries of agriculture in the euro zone subsidize this type of raw product storage. The reasone is large  financial savings and the lower environmental impact  versus the current unprofitable  cold storage.

Cherry picker, which is patented by Europlantaže and funded and subsidized by the World Bank is innovation and revolution in the orcharding. The cherry-picker is absolutely dominant by competitiveness, speed and accuracy of picking the fruit without direct contact with human hand.

The conclusion is  that Europlantaže have a good foundation for the development and to become a leader in their industry in Croatia. Emphasis  is put on the cherry picker and aseptic line as innovations. Europlantaže belief  that only innovations and investment in the latest and most modern technology can provide high levels of profitability, competitiveness and development.

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